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In most cases, residents of a home don't notice the presence of bees or wasps until after they have colonized. Once bees have built a hive, it takes more than simply spraying them to get rid of them for good. The professionals at Wildlife X Team can ensure all of the bees or wasps are removed and minimize the chance of them coming back.

Bee Removal in Dallas, TX

High-Quality Professional Wasp Control in Dallas

If the wasps or bees have started to colonize in a part of the structure in your home, it's important to call a professional removal service, like Wildlife X Team. If the entire nest isn't removed, the bees will try to gain access back into your home. The only way to permanently end the infestation is to have a qualified professional ensure the nest is gone.

Dallas Bee Removal Should Be Done By Professionals

Improper or amateur removal of a beehive or wasps nest can have consequences, not only for the homeowner but for other residents of the area. The bees can become angry and defensive and stay that way for some time. This can result in more stings for the homeowner and neighbors. Even dogs and other pets can be attacked by bees, sometimes with serious consequences. Once upset, the bees can travel up to 800 yards away from the hive and sting children, animals, or seniors, who are not well equipped to deal with these stings. Not every service is qualified to remove bees, so be sure before you hire a company that they know what they are doing.

Our technicians are trained to recognize the locations on your property that may serve as good entry points for bees or wasps. Before leaving, they will ensure that these points are sealed so the chance of re-occurrence is minimized.

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If you need wasp or bee control to remove the presence of stinging insects from your home, contact us. We can ensure all of the bees and wasps are removed from your property in Dallas, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Denton, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Irving, Texas and much more!