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Eliminate the dangers on your property with our advanced approach to ant control. Ants are a common type of pest that can cause many problems for you, your family, your guests, and your pets. You need an experienced pest elimination team that has the tools and the talents needed to get the job done right.

Ant in Dallas, TX

From the moment we started this business, we have utilized the most advanced products and techniques available. Our company is dedicated to safely removing any ants from your premises. Stop worrying about the threat of ant bites. Instead, start protecting your family from harm by depending on our extermination specialists.

Top Signs You Need Ant Control

Whenever you see one ant, there are certainly more to follow. An entire ant colony could be thriving safely beneath the surface without you even noticing. Even if you have only seen ants on the outer reaches of your property, these pests can also gain access to your home through the smallest of cracks in your home.

Once these tiny intruders establish an ant colony, they can live happily in your residence and on your property for the next 15 years. An ant infestation can mean more of a problem than just the mounds outside your home. If they are in your home, even the smallest food scraps can keep these ants alive and thriving. Stop this threat before it can establish a foothold in your home by depending on our team of extermination specialists. We assess the problem and provide an accurate solution.

Watch for Warning Signs

Trust our trained professionals to have the keen eyes to identify the warning signs around your home. When the ants begin their march in or around your home, you must take decisive action to protect our biggest investment. A large infestation is too big of a job for most store-bought insecticides to tackle. You must understand the warning signs and call a team you can trust with the safety of your home. Some of the signs you may see of an impending infestation include:

  • Ant Mounds on Your Property
  • Ants inside Your Home
  • Ants Swarming Outdoors

Not every ant is the same, and you need a trained professional that can address the differences with a customized ant control solution. Our team identifies the threat you face and delivers a solution that gets the job done right the first time.

Carpenter Ant Control That Makes a Difference

Wherever there is moist, decaying, and hollow wood on your property, there is a danger of ant infestation. You need a carpenter ant control approach that addresses the broad scope of this threat and provides a solution that lasts. 

Carpenter ants are threats to any wood structure or component on your property. In their attempt to find the perfect environment to nest, these ants swarm anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. While searching for moist and decaying wood, they can tear through important structural aspects of your home. This poses a threat to everyone in your family.

Protect the wood piles near your home and the interior support beams in your walls with a pest control solution from our team. It is important to watch for the danger signs of carpenter ants, so you can identify a problem before it is too late. Our team looks for the following signs that indicate a carpenter ant problem:

  • Wood Shavings Near Cracks in Molding & Siding
  • Hearing Ants Rummaging Around in the Wall
  • Ants with Front & Rear Wings
  • Hearing Ants Rummaging Around in the Wall
  • Ants That Are Black or Red, or Both
  • Ants Walking in the Open During the Evening

Ant Removal That Is Safe and Effective

Time is of the essence when it comes to our approach for ant removal. We go right to the source and quickly locate the main nest for ants in your yard or in your home. The nest is the heartbeat of any ant colony, and we begin our process by removing this threat.

With the nest gone, our team then treats your entire home and property, eliminating all traces of the ant colony. Due to their reliance on trails and scents, any ant not in the nest at the time of removal will find it next to impossible to return to your home. Removing any pests is the first step to protecting your home from a future infestation.

Pest Control Is Essential

With our warmer climate, the threat of bugs and pests is a fact of life. Our pest control team provides you with an alternative to regular infestation and damage with our affordable array of removal services. We rid your home of bugs and lay the groundwork for prevention of future infestations. Our services aren’t limited to ants either. 

Ants aren’t the only threat to the structure of your home and the happiness of your family. Termites can ruin the structural integrity of your home, and bees and wasps can inflict painful stings on anyone on your property. With the pest control services from our company, you can ensure that your family is safe and your home is protected for years to come.

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