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Possum Removal in Dallas

Wildlife X Team is adept at removing possums in Dallas from any part of your home. Possums like to live under or above the ground, in dark, cool areas. This makes basements, attics, and any areas beneath the home that are accessible ideal environments for them.

Why Dallas Possum Removal Is Necessary

There are a few reasons that a possum needs to be removed as fast as possible from your home. Possums are a popular target for fleas. They can easily cause a flea infestation inside the home. Possum waste also carries diseases fatal to humans. That is why it's important to contact us as quickly as possible to get professional possum removal services in Dallas.

Possum in Dallas, TX

Possums in your attic or crawl space can cause many different kinds of significant damage to your home or business. The wiring and insulation in your home can be damaged by the scratching and biting of a possum. Possums are also able to reproduce quickly.

The female possum is only pregnant for a short time, less than three weeks, after which time she can give birth to up to 20 babies. Quick possum removal can help eradicate the possum infestation before it becomes an epidemic—with consequences you probably do not want to imagine.

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It can be easier to hear the presence of a possum than other animals. They tend to make louder, thumping sounds than do small rodents, such as rats and mice. Possums are also known to make a hissing sound. If you hear any of these telltale possum sounds, particularly in the middle of the night, don't delay. Contact us right away to get one of our qualified professionals to perform possum trapping in Dallas.

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