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Do you have a persistent pest that keeps storming around your attic? The skilled professionals at our humane wildlife-removal company have the experience and skill to handle any furry visitors that make their way into your home. Raccoons are one of the most persistent home invaders in the Dallas area, where we specialize in raccoon removal.

Raccoons are known for getting into trash cans, climbing into small spaces, and sometimes traveling in packs. More than anything, they are seen as nuisances. Due to their years of exposure to human activity, raccoons are not shy about getting close to humans. These intelligent animals are resourceful and clever enough to avoid traps. Although it is not typical for them to stand up to a human, our professional human raccoon control maintains the proper hygiene and safety standards to protect any humans in the area. If you suspect an invasion of one or more raccoons, let our careful raccoon trapping clear your home or business in the least destructive way to both the animal and your property.

Raccoon in Dallas, TX

Raccoon Control Protects Your Home

Having a raccoon make itself at home in your place is a recipe for disaster. Even if you never see the raccoon, the traces it leaves behind can affect your family's well-being. Raccoon feces contain a parasite that many people refer to as raccoon roundworm.  This parasite can have serious consequences for humans who come in contact with it, including blindness and death. Our raccoon control methods include all of the following benefits:

  • Preventing damage to your roof or attic
  • Limiting the number of animals attracted to your home and overturned trash cans
  • Protecting your pets and small children
  • Preventing exposure to bacteria in raccoon feces
  • Easier maintenance of landscaping on the exterior of your home

Even if the raccoon is not caring a disease, being friendly with a wild animal will affect its fear of humans and can lead to long-term problems. Animals that are not afraid of people are more likely to get harmed by cars or other human interactions. Raccoon control will help them thrive in their natural environment.

Prevent the Spread of Rabies with Raccoon Trapping

In many areas throughout the United States, raccoons are the largest carriers of the rabies virus. Most often, a simple rabies bit can be resolved with a trip to the hospital or doctor. However, a rabid raccoon can surprise with its ferocious strength. The animal may claw, scratch or bit for an extended period without losing interest or determination. This can be especially dangerous for children or the elderly members of our family. Our humane raccoon trapping is guaranteed to protect you, your loved ones, and your pets by preventing any potential exposure to rabies.

24-Hour Service for Home & Business Owners

No matter the time of day or night, you can always call on our team for the raccoon control, removal or trap services you need. As nocturnal creatures, they most often wreak havoc when most people are sleeping. If you are awakened in the middle of the night because of trouble with raccoons, we will show up to handle the problem. In some cases, we may have to correct the problem temporarily until we can search for the raccoons in the daylight. Our team is always dedicated to superior services, no matter how often we need to return for follow-up services.

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