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Wildlife X Team has the experience to remove squirrels in Dallas and surrounding communities, which can be a dangerous task for the average person. Because squirrels are highly territorial and determined, if they are not removed by a professional, they may continue to return to the attic. It's important to call us as soon as you hear any mysterious movement in the attic so that we can begin removal.

Squirrel in Dallas, TX

We remove squirrels in Dallas, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Denton, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, and Irving, Texas, and all points in between.

Dallas Squirrel Trapping Can Prevent Expensive Damages

While squirrels might be cute and fun to watch as they run around outside, they can cause large amounts of damage if they get into your attic. Squirrels have a well-deserved reputation for chewing on important parts of a home, including wires, heating and cooling ducts, floorboards and structural beams. To get in the house, they will chew on the outer vents as well as the soffit and fascia. The wooden trim around the outside of the home is typically also damaged by the chewing and digging of a determined squirrel.

Mother Squirrels Can Cause Extensive Damage without Dallas Squirrel Removal

In the spring months, squirrels in the Dallas area are nesting and reproducing. They look for a safe area to have their babies, leading them to cause damage to get into your home. Once they are inside and comfortable, a single squirrel can have up to seven babies at a time.  If those babies are present inside your attic and you remove the mother squirrel, she will stop at nothing to get back in. Squirrels may chew through roof shingles to get back inside.

The experienced professionals at Wildlife X Team can humanely remove the squirrel and any babies that may be present. They can inspect to ensure there is no animal waste left behind and all of the wiring in your home is safe.

Wildlife X Team Of Dallas is Serving the Following Counties:

  • Dallas County
  • Collin County
  • Rockwall County
  • Kaufman County
  • Grayson County
  • Ellis County
  • Hunt County

Don't see your county listed? Call our Wildlife Removal location and we will put you in touch with a specialist in your area today!

 Squirrel removal can be dangerous for a homeowner. Let our experienced professionals help you with professional squirrel removal in Dallas, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Denton, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Irving, Texas and more!